What's On Your Face?

As we're big into luxury, natural and waste free skin care we thought we'd share with you some of our favourite natural and earth conscious make up brands and their products.

This product is pretty awesome! It's made from natural ingredients and can be applied dry or mixed with cream / balm / water or serum to create a consistency that is right for your skin.
It comes in six different shades but the best part is that you also have three different packaging options...
1. Pot for life - Made with sustainably-sourced bamboo and recyclable plastic. (£16 - £24)

2. Refill - Rather than buying a new pot you can purchase a refill tube.
(£12 - £21)

3. Eco pot - Completely plastic-free makeup pot is made from durable cardboard
. (£14 - £22)
We're really glad to have come across this brand, their products are made in the UK and they tick all the box's in terms of conscious living. They're natural, eco-friendly and vegan.

Another brand with refillable options. This mascara comes in two shades back (090) and dark brown (091) each containing only natural ingredients. Aloe vera is know for its soothing properties which makes this mascara a great choice for those with sensitive eyes.
090 - Main ingredients include: Organic aloe vera gel, organic acacia gum and organic carnauba wax.
091 - Main ingredients include: Organic aloe vera juice, organic castor oil and organic shea butter
It comes packaged in a beautiful varnished bamboo case and attractively presented in a cotton pouch with drawstring and retails at £20.75

This natural bronzer contains the pure minerals which give your skin a healthy looking, sun-kissed glow whilst protecting with its natural healing properties and comes in two shades Fairy Princess (for fairer skin tones) and sun-kissed angel (suitable for all skin tones). Retail price is reasonable at £12.00.
They now have refills available in eco-friendly pouches (£11.00) which is a great step in reducing single use plastics.
For us Barefaced beauty are a great choice, they have ethically sourced products that are natural, cruelty free, palm oil free, vegan and have sustainable packaging.

Now this one's exciting...Axiology do luxury lipsticks very well.
The quality of their products are amazing and around 70% of the ingredients are organic. Which include: avocado oil and butter, orange essential oil, elderberry extract, coconut oil, and grape seed oil.
Our favourite is the Bonafide (pictured above) - A bold and beautiful bright honeysuckle pink with fiery, orange tones.
They have a large range with around 30 shades of lipstick and 6 shades of crayon.
Its a bit pricier at $30 a pop plus international shipping costs to the UK, but our verdict is that for a special treat, its totally worth it!

I wanted to include LUSH, mostly because it's a high street brand. Not all of it's cosmetics are natural / organic and some aren't vegan either so make sure you check the packaging however they are all cruelty free and ethically sources... tick.
Lush are also pretty good on the packaging front, their plain black pots are made from mixed polypropylene (PP) that's extremely hard wearing and can be reused again and again.  They offer an incentive for you to bring your old pot in, for them to recycle properly, in exchange for a free face mask. Fantastic!
We really love their Trix Stick concealer! Other reviews say "It blends very well, it feels weightless and non greasy" and we agree. You can grab one of these for £12.00 and there's a choice of 9 different shades.
Another convenient high street brand with strong ethical values and are committed to tackling the plastic crisis.
They know that when we use plastic responsibly it can be sustainable and that there is a whole lot of recyclable plastic resources that already exist. They now use Community Trade recycled plastic from Bengaluru, India which not only address's the plastic crisis but also helps to support the workers by enabling sanitary working conditions and fair prices.
We love their Brow Sculpt eye brow pencil which comes in three different shades. It's 3-in-1 texture shaping tool , combing powder, wax and a mascara formula allows to your achieve your desired, fuller brow look. You can pick this up for just £11.
It is 100% vegetarian and contains no mineral oil or petrolatum. The Body Shop now do a large range of Vegan products too that are excellent.

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