Mooju Beauty Box - The Small Change to Your Routine That Will Make an Impact

2020 - the year that saw the word ‘unprecedented’ come of age and normality become a fond distant memory. Amongst the craziness of lockdown, many of us sought for sanity through ways in which we can improve our daily habits. Switching to reusable makeup pads is a simple trick for an easy transition to happy healthy skin and a more eco friendly lifestyle. 

 Mooju reusable facial cleansing pad being washed under tap Mooju reusable facial cleansing pad being washed under tap

First and foremost, the Mooju Beauty Box is a fantastic way to ditch the environmental disaster of disposable make up removers. Did you know that wet wipes are behind 93% of sewer blockages and 9.3 million are flushed down the toilet everyday. If they get out the sewers they end up in the ocean and litter beaches. The mooju beauty box offers a cleaner alternative, with its reusability reducing the demand for cotton and minimising the amount of waste ending up in landfills.

The second benefit of reusable pads neatly follows from the former. Reusing need not be a chore, it's super easy to wash and get fresh pads again. Once you have used a pad to remove makeup just pop them into the 100% cotton mesh drawstring bag they come in (so they don't go missing!) and put them in a washing machine at 30 degrees to kill any bacteria and remove makeup from the pads. 


Reusable Make up pads

Not only are Mooju’s make up pads great for the environment, they are great for your skin. If you are using a makeup wipe as your primary mechanism for removing your makeup then you are doing long-term damage to your face. Make up wipes destroy your acid mantle - a delicate layer of skin which keeps moisture in and viruses/bacteria out. Makeup wipes are not designed to clean your skin, they are formulated to break down makeup which can cause micro-tears in your skin - advancing the aging process

Old habits die hard, but it is time to replace our throw-away culture with a more forward thinking attitude to shopping. Reusable makeup wipes will serve you for a long time - by making one wise investment, you will save loads of money in the long run. No brainer right?  

Last but definitely not least, all these benefits come neatly packaged in a plastic free bundle. There really is no benefit to using nasty single use wipes which pollute our beautiful earth and age your beautiful skin.

Make the simple change - we know you will love it!

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Mooju Beauty Box