Hey Lovely Ladies

Its Jules here, i’m the proud founder of MOOJU and I just wanted to let you know a little bit about where this journey began, so here it is…

I love to look after my skin and have a daily care routine just like so many of you beautiful women. I love nothing more than taking my makeup off in the evening and having a clean, fresh face…let’s face it, it feels just as good as whipping off your bra at the end of a long day!

I have also always been a lover of nature and the great outdoors, over the years I have become more conscious about how important it is to care for this beautiful planet that we call home. With my new found consciousness, regarding my care for the environment, I began to notice how many cotton pads and other single use toiletries I was getting through and throwing into the bin each week without any consideration. The fact that you’re here checking out my store means that you’re probably noticing the same thing too.

On average we use around 3 cotton wool pads per day which is 21 per week, meaning we will fly through a pack of 50 in just over two weeks! Not only do the pads themselves go straight into landfill but the plastic packaging does too!

So the question on my lips was “is it possible to reduce the amount of waste polluting our precious earth without sacrificing our daily beauty routine?” and the answer was YES! This is where my journey with the beautiful earth collection began… so welcome onboard!

It is our mission here is to create amazing quality and sustainable solutions to single use toiletries and other household goods, but most importantly to help you amazing women look and feel amazing whilst reducing your waste footprint and saving money in the long term.

Yes please!